Thursday, November 25

Living Advent Calendar

24 windows on 24 houses on ONE street in Brighton - will all be displaying an advent number in the run up to Christmas! Pictures of all to follow - The Paper Parcel is very excited! We are thinking scandic.....!

Tuesday, November 23

32 days til Christmas!

32 days actually seems like an age away but doesn't it always seem to creep up on you once December starts? All the better to get your ideas for wrapping down pat in advance and we'll be having a veritable advent calendar of wrapping ideas coming up for all sorts of parcels and packages here at The Paper Parcel.

Cascading Paper Bow

Thursday, November 18

Bow - tastic

"bow" - A decorative interlacing of ribbons.  Later today, we'll be showing a clever way to decorate your present with a bow, without having to buy ribbon! although these are rather lovely!

Wednesday, November 17

peacock wrap Apple TV

wrap tips...

Don’t chuck out any wrapping paper EVER! Not even if it’s crumpled beyond repair. You can always reuse it.  Either to add embellishments to parcels or run it through a shredder and use it for lining boxes or bags.  Coming very soon – a way to make very stylish paper bows….and if you missed it catch up with our Peacock inspired wrap or just buy this groovy paper....!

Tuesday, November 16

Christmas music's in the shops already so....

we're not saying bring on the figgy pudding just yet but the countdown to Christmas has definitely begun.  And here at The Paper Parcel we'll be posting a stream of ideas in the run up to Christmas Day that will have your friends and relatives really impressed - well, impressed with the wrapping anyway.  The present's up to you!

There will be inventive ideas on decoration, the basics of how to wrap the perfect parcel and "awkward corner" - how to wrap those pesky parcels that aren't boxes or squares. And yes we will probably make M sit in the corner to wrap them.

Monday, November 15

80s wraps Apple TV


Just download and print off this template. You can, like, totally, like, follow it to make your own pac-man maze!

Wednesday, November 10

it was acceptable....

in the 80s! and soon we'll be sticking up a couple of 80s inspired wraps.  spangly boob tube anyone?....